Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Land of Luggage Purgatory!

My journey to America was quite interesting.  I started at 2 am to do my last minute packing and getting into the car to travel to the airport.  I found the guarded parking lot and then went to go check in.  As I was waiting, I was surprised by my neighbor coming up to me and saying that she was on the same flight!  We had great fun chatting!  She went her way in Frankfurt and I went mine.  On my Frankfurt to Detroit leg of the trip, I was sitting next to a woman who I thought wanted both seats so she SPREAD OUT!  I was pushed against the window and the man in front of me decided that his seat needed to be fully reclined.  I am SO glad that I am not claustrophobic!  I got into Detroit and went through immigration.  The man was very efficient but I could tell was having a bad day.  He was over checking EVERYONE.  I only had 1 hour to get to my next flight and I still had to get to customs and re-check my baggage.  I searched for 20 minutes and could not find my bag.  The Lufthansa rep told me to just go on and the bag should follow.   So I did.  It took me 30 minutes to find out where to go to get to the next plane and I just made my flight!  Whew!  
When I got to Denver my bag was NOT waiting for me.  I filed a claim and smiled and said "Have a nice day!"  

It is no day FOUR and I still have not received my bag!   They have NO idea where it is!  I had to go and purchase everything besides my make-up and electronics.  I don't even have a wedding gift now!  AHHHHHHH!  


If this entry makes no sense. . . well it is due to luggage lost stress!  I wonder if there is a support group for that?

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Connie said...

Oh Alice, how frustrating. Do you have your luggage yet? I pray that you do since that post is several days old. I remember a time when Dave went for a week to be at a special event where he needed special clothes that we bought in advance...and he didn't get his bag until he got back home a week later! AARRGH!! I do hope your bag shows us soon if it hasn't already. Love, Connie