Friday, June 15, 2007

My time with Jacob

This week I was given the awesome privilege of hanging with Jacob Hash while Dan and Laura celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in Crete. I must admit that a few days before I woke up asking myself "What did you do? What do you know about 12-year old boys?"

Jacob is a crazy junior higher and I love it!

I must say, I think I had more fun than Jacob did! We played game cube, watched Polish and English cartoons, ate pizza, went to his violin teacher's graduation concert (I had more fun than he did, I think), and watched the 11th season of the Amazing Race - All Stars! Between all of that, I went to class and tried to study. . . How do single moms do it? My hats are off to you, Ladies.

Our times at night were sweet as Jacob would read his bible and then I would come in and we would talk and then pray. What a great guy! Besides our evening chats, I enjoyed our time in the car as we were going to pick up Dan and Laura. Jacob asked me question after question about myself. Here is this 12 year old guy wanting to KNOW me! It touched my heart and I think we will be the best of buds for life! If Dan and Laura ask again, and if I can do it, my answer will be a resounding "Yes!" I like beating guys at game cube Street Football! :)

Cultural observation of the week: Dogs can go into the airport! We did it and did not get kicked out! Yippie!

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Laura said...

Thanks, again, Alice. You blessed us in MANY, MANY ways. We're glad you're on our team. Your attitude is awesome... We love you. Laura