Monday, April 23, 2007

So Far, So Good

I am applying for my residency card. What a hard thing to do! I had to prove that I am renting from a person who is in residence. My rental contract was not good enough, I had to the the signature of the owner of my flat too. He lives six hours away in Warsaw,so it is difficult for him to get down here. We decided to take a small gamble last weekend as he was down here for the weekend, and have him sign the form and then write a letter to say that he own the flat and I was renting it. . . He did and so today we took all the papers in. All the lady was really interested in was the rent contract! She briefly looked at his signature and did not even want the letter. Ahh! So what I thought would take hours took about 10 minutes. Laura Hash looked a bit stunned too that it took such a short time.

So now I have two months to be in the country and get things going. I think I have all of my paper or I am getting them this next week. The next step is to see what happens with all the other paperwork. They want all sorts of details! Things that should not matter like how many days I spent in Croatia last year. Why do they have to know that? I am not apply for Croatian residency! This is reminding me that parts of Poland are still under the rule and influence of "Big Brother" Communism. I hope the rest of my cart goes as fast as today. . . doubt it, but I can hope! :)

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