Wednesday, April 25, 2007

News Flash: I 'm Married!

Okay, don't get a heart attack. . . I am not married, just the meter maid near my school thinks that I am. The word for "must" and "husband" sounds very similar to me. I was trying out my Polish and said "My husband is learning Polish." when I thought I said, "I must learn Polish." It is very easy to get it mixed up! She asked me if he was from the US or Poland and I said, "USA." thinking that she was asking me where I was from. My mind was on getting to class, not on what I was saying! That was my first mistake.

As I was walking away to class and replaying the conversation over in my head, I realized what I had said! Whoa! A husband? Where did HE come from? (Is it Matthew McConaughey? Sweet!)

So I am not going to that parking place again until I can say that I don't have a husband and that I was mistaken. I don't want to accidental say, "I don't have a husband because I killed him!" :)

I love this language! Even as frustrating and difficult as it is, I am trying to have fun with it. I just got my first real test back and I got the 2nd highest score. All of my errors were "minor" endings. I was really proud of that until I remembered that earlier, just one "minor" word got me married!


Hanka said...

Yeah, Polish is a nightmare.Even Polish people think so:) Miss U

Mo said...

I was actually laughing out loud when I read this entry. Nice job on the husband-picking-out!

BritBoat said...

Congratulations! I'm a little upset I wasn't invited to the wedding, but I look forward to seeing you together soon. :-)