Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Story Gets Even Better. . .

Read the entry below before you read this!

I called Apple to get my extended warranty for the new laptop. They told me that I did not have a warranty on my old unit. To make a very long phone call short, the bottom line is that they could not find the warranty today because it expired YESTERDAY!!! ( I could swear that it ended in DEC. of 2007, but I was wrong.) One day more and I would not have been able to get a replacement laptop. God is continuing to blow me away! His timing is PERFECT even when we can not understand it!

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Becky Pinnell said...

oh alice!!! what a blessing indeed!!! I am so happy that you have shared this experience with me... it is just amazing to hear how God is, like you said, moving in the simple ways....like getting a laptop... He is always taking care of us, thanks for the reminder!