Monday, January 22, 2007

God Answers Prayer in Unexpected Ways!

Okay, so I am trying to figure out how I can save up enough for a Apple PowerBook Pro to replace my older, overworked PowerBook. I have been praying that God would bring someone to me who had an extra couple grand and say, "Hey, Alice I would like to help out! I heard you needed to replace your old laptop. Here is a check!" I have heard it happen time and time again. Maybe, just maybe God would do it for me too!

I have been having some major problems with my laptop since I have been back in the States. I have extended warranty, so I took my poor, overworked "baby" in to get fixed. I spent about 18 hours last week at Apple with a tech trying to figure out what was going one with it. They replaced just about everything they could think of and sent me home. The tech told me to use it as much as I could so they could make sure it would work when I got back to Poland. I got home and after about two hours of using it, it stopped working.

I went back to Apple today to try and get this thing working. . . I was starting to loose patience, I will admit. . .
The tech looked at my computer and said, "I've got good news and bad news."
"Okay. . . " I was ready to hear that they had to send my computer in AGAIN!
"Do you have anything against a BookPro?"
I said,"No, why? I have been trying to save up for one."
He smiled and said, "You don't need to now. Good news is that I am exchanging our new BookPro for your PowerMac."
"You are joking!" I sat at the "Genius Bar" with a stupid look on my face. . . "What's the bad news?" I asked.
He smiled, "I have to keep the box to send back your old laptop. Good thing you have AppleCare!"
That's BAD news??? Okay. . .

Ten minutes later, I walked out with a new Apple Power BookPro! Tears filled my eyes as I got into my car. God is so good! He is concerned even it the small stuff like the tools that we use for ministry. He answered my prayer by not spending a dime for a new computer!!!! Apple Inc. has now unwittingly become a supporter of the mission to the youth of Poland!

God uses the most interesting people to help further HIS KINGDOM!

Just another lesson He has been teaching me about trusting in HIM!


jason said...

That's just the coolest thing ever! :) God is good!

Dan Luebcke said...