Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

A new year. . . what will you be up to God? What will you teach me? What will I give up to you?

This past year has been full of transition and struggle for me. Yet, through it all, He has been faithful! He has seen me through it all and I praise HIS NAME!!!! I have been forced to dig deep into the basics of my faith. It has not been easy or comfortable, but it has been GOOD!

Have you ever wondered if your view of God is mostly based on Truth or on tradition? I am doing this in a deeper way than before. My theology is good, but there have been areas where my theology has been tainted by traditional values which are not biblical. I think every "lifer" has had to deal with this several times in their life.

It has been refreshing to get back to the basics and eye opening to see where I have molded God into an image that I thought He should fit. I am grateful that God is a patient God. He allows me to fumble and struggle just as a loving father would. He allows me to make mistakes and He rejoices in my successes! May my view of God NEVER become one of the world but continue to be one of Truth through His Word!

May this New Year bring you closer to God than you were last year. May His Truth shine in your life. May you look back in 2008 and say, "God, what a good year! Not easy, not comfortable and even not safe, but GOOD!"

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