Tuesday, October 10, 2006

May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful


On Saturday, I was privileged to go to a celebration of 50 years of ministry of Jim and Dotty Groen and Global Connection International. Who are they? Well, they were the leaders of Youth for Christ when my mom was a teenager. They have since then gone to places that few Americans can go such as Cuba, Cambodia and even North Korea. Jim was VERY instrumental in the life of Ravi Zacharias and literally thousands of young people across the globe.

Imagine going to places where everyone else have been told that it is impossible to go. God paved the way for GCI, and Jim has been in North Korea almost more than any other North American. He has seen some terrible things and yet, he has also the grace of God and hearts that hunger for Jesus. The young South Korean children in the background of this picture paid their own way just to come to America just for this celebration to thank Jim for what GCI is doing in North Korea.

The whole evening had a nostalgia feeling to it. A bit too "older generation" for me at times, but I was so glad I went. I LOVED Dave Boyer and his big band jazz worship music! Wow! I discovered that I had one of his CDs! It is one of my favorites. I never realized that he was that old! :) The evening truly was not able what Jim and Dottie has done, but what God has and still is doing in His world!

There has been no scandal in this ministry and there is only one full time employee in Global Connection International, Jim. Everyone else are volunteers. God has truly blessed this mission.

I discovered that I am a "descendent" of this ministry family. My mother and her brothers were greatly impacted and I owe some of the reason that I am on the mission field to Jim and Dottie's investment in my family's lives. I am hoping that someday, Jim will bring a team to Poland and see what God is doing here.

Thank you Jim and Dotty for your example and faithfulness to God. May those who come behind me be able to say the same in finding me faithful to Christ and His call.

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