Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Amazing Race!


I survived the Josiah Venture Amazing Race! It was a lot of fun. Each intern from 10 different contrast was told to pack a small carry-on backpack and be ready to receive a clue as soon as they got off the plane in Prague, Czech Republic.

For 2 1/2 days, each team traveled all over Prague and then to our final destination, Melanovice, Czech Republic where we started our week long training for the summer.

I was give a front row seat to see how my team would react under the pressure of jet lag, culture, misunderstanding, language barriers, and just the stress of the game. I could only be the cameraman, I could not help. I went where they decided to go. It was frustrating for me at times and yet it was great to see this group of virtual strangers come together and work together to a common goal: to not be last! :)

I am here in Melanovice in the middle of training, enjoying the 150 or so interns and hearing how God is moving this generation to reach Eastern Europe. Each morning we all have great devotions and then we work on camp stuff. The afternoons are more meetings and then the evening is a great time of worship and Dave Patty, JV's President is taking us through Philippians. It is great!

It has been raining all week and you can not see the mountains across the valley, but it is a beautiful place to be and get the summer started!

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Krista Davis said...

wish i could be there. man. didn't realize how i would miss it... i bet marta feels the same way! seems like you are having a good time, hopefully it will clear up so you can enjoy the mountains. i wrote you an email today. love from the Canadian kid ;)