Sunday, May 28, 2006

Communion and Membership


Today I was given the privilege of serving communion. It was a honor for me to serve my brothers and sisters. I was not sure how to do it and a few of the men in the back helped me out so that I would not go to the front too soon. :) It was a great way for me to give back to this new family of mine. I did not have to speak and it is a different perspective when you are serving the bread instead of taking it.

The reason way I was serving today is that last week I was voted in as a member of Opoka Baptist Church. Opoka means "The Rock". I have loved being a part of this church, but now I am REALLY a part of family here is Poland. What an honor it has been! I look forward to being more and more involved as my Polish gets better.

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White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing said...

This entry you've written reminds me of the movie "Conflict" with Martin Sheen. You might like this movie.

Good to meet another that loves Christ!