Monday, May 01, 2006

A Polish Wedding




What a great weekend! One of our Polish workers, Ilona got married on Saturday! It was my second Polish wedding and I had lots of fun! We all drove down to the Ski town of Wisła to a little Lutheran Church building. The ceremony was all in Polish and this time I chose not to have translation. I understood about 10% but it is 10% MORE than last time! I am learning POLISH!!!
The ceremony starts with the couple's favorite worship songs. Then the couple sits down on the stage as whoever marries them gives a sermon about marriage. Dan Hash did this one (in Polish) and from what I was told did a wonderful job. He talked about keys to marriage and even had physical keys to remind Ilona and Robert about what he said. Then the parents gathered around and placed hands on the couple and Dan ended with a prayer. The conclusion was signing the marriage certificate and lighting the unity candle.

Then the reception starts! After 5 hours I had to get home, but it went on for a long time after that! Most wedding receptions go on for 12 or more hours with many courses of food and dancing.

What a great time! Now I leave this morning for the Czech Republic for a week long Josiah Venture conference and then after that I drive to Prague to pick up my MOM!! I can't wait to have her see my new home and to spend time with here.

Wednesday is Poland's constitution day! It is also my 40th birthday. Can I really be that old? A year ago, I asked God to allow me to celebrate it in Poland. He answered my prayer. Well, kind of. I will be celebrating it in Czech, but it is close enough!

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White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing said...

Oh, are they darling! I hope they are happy together. They appear to be loving people.

May they live long and happily!

Please help them to understand the English in my blog. I wish them the best!