Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A home and a car. God is good


I got a CAR!!!!!! It is a great Skoda! Skoda? What is that? It is a GREAT car! It was originally a Czech car until VW bought them out. Now it is a Czech made car mostly in Germany. It only has around 40,000 miles on it and it is sweet! It is a combi (wagon, not sedan), but hey, I am almost 40! I need to look a little like a soccer mom! :) God has truly walked before me in both finding my apartment and in finding this car. It was owned by a University professor in Germany who drove it to and from his school and really not much more. His relative wanted it so he purchased it and then his wife did not want it (she wanted to keep her old BMW, go figure!) So here I am getting an almost new 5 year old car! It is like getting an Granny car!
It is great! I did not want to get something that
had too much inside, but this thing is great!
Cars here are mostly all electrical wonders and
this one is the same! I was very suprised when my back started to fell some warmth. . . seat warmers?? Could it be? Oh, these will come in handy as it dips down to -15C again!

Here are a few pictures of my flat. It is great! I move in on the 18th right after I get back from the Josiah Venture Women's conference in Croatia. I also get my car at that time! I forgot to upload bedroom and office pictures, but I have them along with a great hall that has beautiful arches and cool modern lighting. This is a flat where a family moved to Warsaw and they want to keep it until their kids grow up and can use it. Everyone is renivating flats around here! If you want to rent something at a good price, you renivate it. I got here at the right time!






I will take more pictures as I move in and how I make it HOME!


Mo said...


You got a car! That's so awesome! Although I have two things to say:
1. "Skoda" will always sound like something you dip, and
2. there is no way -- make that no stinking way -- we are almost FORTY!

Other than that, good to see the house and the car. I'm so happy for you -- that must feel ab fab!

Dan Luebcke said...

Great car...and great place!!!!!!

I hope to get a chance to see it when I am there!