Saturday, March 04, 2006

Life is here and not there

It has been a while since I have written. I plan on getting everyone caught up on what is happening in my life. I can not fully do that though for another few weeks. Please be patient as I try to get everything in.

I signed a contract for a flat today. It is a great little place complete with a little back yard and an American style kitchen and bathroom! I really like the place! It is nothing that I had envisioned before I came here! The neighborhood is quiet and I am looking forward to decorating it and putting my mark on it! They are even including a small washing machine!

I will post pictures up as soon as I get some.

Life in Poland is good so far. Difficult, but good. I will go into that more in a later post. My language learning has started and I am encouraged and frustrated all at the same time. I am starting to get the gist of some conversations even though I do not understand all of the words. It is encouraging me to see Dan and Laura struggle with the language even after speaking it for over 10 years. There is HOPE for me!!

Well I am alive and I willl post again soon. I hope with news of a car! It is hard to find a good one where I know it will not break down on me all the time!

In a week, I am on my way to Croatia via STARBUCKS in Vienna!!!! Josiah Venture has their women's retreat and I am excited to be going to a few more countries!


Mo said...

Yay! You found a place! I'm so happy for you :) That's awesome! Enjoy making it "homey".

Good luck on the car, and have a great trip :)

Dan Luebcke said...

A Rob! Thanks for taking the time to get back to us. Know that for some of us this is our only life-line to to you!

I hope to see you this summer.

Aga said...

Hey Alice!

I'm happy that you found a flat and everything is ok for you. Good luck with learning Polish and finding a nice car. I found a new family, moved to Maryland this sunday, Magda was here and we ate dinner with Penny (host mom), Chris (host dad), Allie (6) and Alyssa (2). I believe this family is right for me and I stay it to the end, maybe longer?

God bless You!

Tim Vincent said...

Alice! Glad you found a place! Now you just need to get some sweet sporty ride to blaze the Kilometers in! Kasia and I have been in that Starbucks you'll be visiting in Vienna! I had some punk tell me that I say "like" too much when I was in the bathroom there...if you see him, tell him to like, get a clue! Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Krista Davis said...

ALEEEEEEEEEECE!!! where are you?! i miss you- hope i will find you in katowice when i come this weekend :) glad you found a flat can't wait to see it!! Polish is rough but God's grace is still greater! You will get it- just pray a lot and hang out with Poles and don't worry when you get a dizzy headache... it is a good sign ;)