Thursday, August 18, 2005

It Is Good To Be At Peace

As we were having some soup and salad at the Olive Garden the other day, my friend Jennifer asked me when I was going to update my blog. I then realize that it has been over a month since I have written here! Wow! A month!

The team got back from Poland (see “To Send or Not to Send”) and the stories I heard were amazing! Polish youth were experiencing Jesus’ love for the first time and they were responding by wanting to follow Him! Two dear friends will baptized next month as an outward sign of their devotion to Jesus. It was a bit sad for me not to experience this first hand, but it was a small price to pay as I saw the faces of my youth group when they told me the stories of how God was faithful even during times of frustration and hardship!

So where am I now? I am still in Denver, waiting on God’s timing. I have received 100% of my outgoing expenses! Praise God! The “job” is to raise the rest of my monthly funds. God is so good! He knows when the time for me to go will be and I am learning how to walk in faith and allow Him to lead.

As I am here in Denver, God is giving me opportunities to meet with students whom I normally would not have time to. It has been a blessed time and I am ever so grateful to Him who is giving me this gift that I would never have anticipated!

I am still working on the program my church has for me to do before I go. It has been a good time of leaning and thinking and I am also trying to get my supporter development fully organized.

I don’t have much more to say right now. Maybe more later will come. I am at peace right now and that is a good place to be. ☺

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alice,

I've never done the 'blog' thing before but do like to get my feet wet.

The info about Mary was very touching. Heaven makes all the difference when a Christian ponders the earthly death.

Some news from Arizona. As you are awaiting to go to Poland my little family is praying about relocating to Denver!

That is a good thing. The Lord is in control and knows where the seeds of different kinds need to planted.

Much love,