Saturday, December 11, 2004

You Are Doing What??

Many people have asked me this question and they are amazed that I would uproot myself and everything I know in order to go to Poland. Why Poland? I can not tell you the reason beyond that I have fallen in love with the people and God has lead me to go and share His love to the young people of Poland. I have thought about that. I lived in the Czech Republic ten years ago and loved the people, but there is something about the Poles . . .I cannot put my figure on it beyond the fact that God has placed them in my heart. The Czech Republic was just a door to the place that He wants me to be.

I will be living in a city called Katowice, Poland. It is a little bit west of Krakow. The group I will be working with is 'Fala' (the wave). Josiah Venture is the American mission organization I will be going out with. While there, my "job" will be to help with English camp coordination where we have American youth groups come to Poland to teach English to Polish teens and share the love of Jesus in a camp situation. I will also be building relationships (one of my favorites things to do) with young women and help them on their spiritual journeys.

For the past several years, I have basically been doing all of this here in the US. When the opportunity came to move to Poland and do what I do here, I could not say "No.” I was not looking for this change, God brought it to me. It is quite incredible!

I know this next chapter of life will bring both joys and hardships. That is how life is. The important thing is that no matter where you are, God is moving and He cares even if you don't "feel" that He is. He never stops.

A great speaker named Louie Giglio really challenged me this past summer when he said that we have a choice in life. The choice is, will I play a small part in God's never ending, incredible story that will never be forgotten, or will I try to star in my own story that will be forgotten soon after my death? I want to play that small part. That part is moving me to Poland. It is for His Glory that I pick up my life and go where He is leading. May He be praised!

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