Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God Raising Up Leaders To Lead!

Wiktoria (bottom): One of our leaders investing her life in Marta and Sali (bottom to top)
What a wonderful movement God has started here in Poland! I smile and thank Him for His love for this wonderful country and for the lives of young people here. When I arrived in Poland seven years ago, I saw a country that was dark and hopeless. The church was small and young people were leaving to escape. Today, although some of that has not changed, it is not as dark and hopeless as it was when I got here. There is a new emerging spirit here in Poland, a small yet powerful paradigm shift that is starting to grow. I have been able to see the transformation of many young people who are now serving our Lord in various capacities.

The work in Poland is NOT finished, but it has become clear to me, through prayer, thought, and conversation with many people, that my job here in Poland has come to an end. It is with deep emotion that I write this. I love Poland, I love the youth here, but I also know that this chapter of my life is finished here, and there is a natural "seam of transition" coming for the ministry in Katowice this year. What is it? Opoka (my church in Katowice) is going through a big transition as it moved to a new location, our youth group is losing its current youth leader and gaining new ones later this year. Along with these changes, the Hashes are in the process of shifting strategic focus. I came here seven years ago to assist and join the Hashes in their youth venture in Katowice. As that time is coming to a close, I feel that my time too has come to its natural conclusion.

My departure will take place in mid-August so that in the next few months, I can help train our youth servant team, continue mentoring the new leaders who will take over in August, help lead the summer interns and do my final camp as a JV staff member. I am filled withdeep sorrow in leaving this wonderful country that I have called "home" and yet, am also filled with joyful anticipation in what God has for me in my new chapter of life. I know this may come as a shock to some who know my longevity of ministry and "job", but I also know that it is a good time for me to step aside and allow those whom I have trained over the past years to lead. I wanted to work myself out of a job, and I feel that I have done it! 

I will return to Denver on August 15th, but will be on the Josiah Venture payroll until November 30, 2013 in order to help me transition back to life in the States. My hope is that you will continue your prayers and financial support until that time. The last monthly support must be received by November 30th to comply with tax requirements. 

I know this is not going to be an easy transition. To assist my transition, I will attend a week long program at MTI, for their re-entry program in October. This week will help me process my experience in Poland and help me think about life in America. I will also be needing to find a job and start adjusting back to American culture after being gone for so long.

Please continue to follow my blog.  Now that this news is public, I will be sharing my process of returning to the States and all that entails! 

Following His Lead,