Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Have you ever seen your doctor yell at another doctor before?

I never thought I would see this!  My dear doctor sent me to get an x-ray this morning at 10am. The department said that they were down and could not get me in until 12pm.  Okay. . . I did not want to wait, but I had my Kindle and so I said, "No problem."  I HAD to get it done.  Noon came and they said, "Don't know, you have to wait for it to open."  Okay. . . 2pm came (note 4 hours) and my doctor (who is on call today) came down to see why I had not come to see him.  He saw me sitting and asked if I had been seen.  I smiled and said, "No."  His eyes got really wide and I could see his jugular start to pulse!  REALLY!  He found the doctor in charge and started yelling at him and his aids!  I just kept reading (and listening) and let him fight for me!  They sent me to another building and I had to wait another 30 minutes, but I got it!

News: Something moved or grew in my ankle,  They are not sure what it is, but my bone (fibia) is not where it should be and it looks like it is rubbing on my foot bone (or that is what I understood).  That is why I am having problems walking and why I am in pain.  He was VERY pleased by the amount of bone regrowth.  "You are a very healthy woman!" he smiled.

So what is next for me?  I am going to wear a brace for the next several weeks and take some more meds and then when I get back from my trip to America (in Feb.) we will see if I need to get another operation to put another pin in to help stabilize my ankle.

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Crystal said...

Yikes! Glad that are taking care of you.