Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exagora: A way to share the love of Jesus

This past weekend, our youth group did their first evangelism event.  Our theme was "Freedom".  Kids brought their friends and we played table games and a few group games and then the leaders performed the drama, "Everything".  It was "magical"!  After the drama, Jacob gave the Gospel using the verses and the Gospel presentation "format" that we have been teaching the group.  It was good for our kids to see what they have been learning, being USED in a relevant way!

On the way home, Jacob's friend (not a believer) said that the drama conveyed more about the Gospel than a two hour movie ever could. It was a great conversation to listen in on as I was driving them to the bus stop!  Please pray for our group as they get deeper and deeper in to relationships and as they try to share the love of Jesus with their peers!

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