Friday, November 09, 2012

Back from a 5 month sabbatical . . .

It has been five months since my last entry.  Wow!  I cannot believe it it has been so long.  I want to start blogging again to share what God is doing in my life here in Poland.  Please join me again as I share with you all that God is doing!

Looking back over these past several months, God has done amazing things in both my life and in the lives of the students I have been around, despite the fact that I was in a wheelchair and then crutches for much of that time.  

Last month I had my final operation to take the pins out and got a very bad infection in my ankle.  Here I am almost one month later, and I am still suffering from that.  I cannot walk much without the help of a crutch due to the fact that the infection really weakened my muscles and tendons.  God has been good though.  Until this past week, I have been pretty content.  Now I am just itching to get out and get going, but my problems with walking is inhibiting me.  

James 1 and Roman 5 have been bouncing around in my head this whole time and enduring trials and allow them to build your character.  I hope this past 9 months of my broken leg ordeal will be part of my character building.  It has shown me areas of strength that I never knew I had and along with areas of weakness that I thought I had overcome.  I look back and even forward and thank God that even though this has been a hard year, it has been a good year.  

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