Friday, May 04, 2012

The Broken Leg Chronicles - Three

What an interesting situation this hospital stay was for me.  Laura went to my flat to get clothes, eating utensils, towels, wash cloth, water, coffee (thanks Dan L. for the Starbucks Via), toiletries, computer, ipod, kindle, soap etc.  They only gave me a bed and the linens.  VERY different from American hospitals.  Did I mention NO PRIVACY what so ever??

At this time I had two roommates:  Panni "Pain" and Panni "Complain" -  Panni Pain was a old woman who had broken her thigh bone and was in heavy traction.  She did not have her teeth in so, everything she said was just mubblings.  She was in SO MUCH PAIN!  Tears came to me eyes every time she looked at me (I was the only person she could see) and pleaded with me to ease her pain.  All I could do was call the nurse for her.  She also was old enough for me to see dementia symptoms and it broke me heart.  I remember how confused and scared my grandfather was when he was in the hospital and could not remember where he was.  (I also had wonderful memories of our conversations and my reading the bible to him as spent the night at his bedside.)  Panni Pain could not be consoled though until her grandchildren walked in and then she laughed and sang along with crying for the pain.

Panni Complain -  This older woman was a doctor in Germany and thus expected to have the same kind of service that she gave.  Not in Poland though.  Especially in a public insurance hospital.  She also broke something in her thigh and was fighting a temperature.  She and I had nice short conversations and she seemed to be a person in such need of joy and peace.  Every hour she would get nervous, check her temperature and then call the nurses to tell them that her temperature had not changed from the hour before and then to go into complaining about their treatment of her.  I can say that she was a difficult person to have around, but God taught me that my being there could either be a time of ignoring her or encouraging her . . .I chose the latter.  I wanted to bless this obviously sad, discouraged woman during my stay.  Only through God's grace did I do it! 

It is Friday, I am waiting to go only to be told that my operation will be moved to Monday. Now I get to stay the weekend to do nothing but wait. . . Looking back, I think that was harder than I thought it was at the moment.

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heh, I like your blog
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