Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Second Time Not As Bad, Prayer Works!

So, a few days before Christmas, snow came.  I was scraping ice off of my windshield, when my foot hit black ice (under the snow) and BAM!  I went down!  I hit my right shoulder in a similar way as I did my left two years ago.  I felt a weird sensation and knew I did something bad to myself.  Being the "tough" missionary lady, I try to me, I went on with my day.  It did not feel exactly like the last time, but, I knew I did something to it.   That night, I went upstairs to my friend, who is a doctor, and asked her to look at it.  She took me straight to the hospital.  The X-Ray showed that it was fractured the same way the other one was, but it looked like it was an old injury . . . huh?  So, they wanted to to a MRI, then a CAT scan (two weeks later)  I put my arm into a sling and called my mom to get people to start praying.  You see, I am leaving in two weeks to come back to the US for a visit and I cannot travel with that contraption that I had two years ago.
As the days went bay, I could feel the prayers of people back home.  My shoulder started feeling better day by day!  I have almost full motion in it now and have it in a sling just to keep myself from doing too much.
Yesterday, I had the CAT scan,  I will find out the results in a few days, but right now, I can say that this shoulder is healing faster than I could ever imagine!  I have two more weeks of getting it healed up for the US!  Thank you for your prayers and keep praying!!

Our God is an Awesome God and this has reminded me how much He loves me!

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