Wednesday, July 06, 2011


This is the number of brothers and sisters who have been added to our Spiritual family this past week!  God was so good as He moved hearts toward Himself! One of my joys of camp is "M".
This young woman has a very difficult story.  I have been meeting with her for English lessons for a few months now and invited her to camp.  During this camp, we had some great conversations.  We talked about Salvation, Sin, Hell, God, Jesus and Universalism.  On Friday when the speaker challenged those who made first time commitments to follow Jesus to stand, she popped up!  Tears filled my eyes as I saw her do this.  I never thought she would accept Jesus so quickly!  It has reminded me how ready this generation is to live for Truth and not just culture and tradition!
Thank you Jesus for your love and salvation for "M".

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