Friday, July 22, 2011

I am back in Poland

What in the world happened to me?  One day I was in Poland and the next in Kiev.  There were a few moments when I was asking, "God, what are you putting me through?" But then, I also was eager to see what he would show me.  What did He do this time?  He gave me a new appreciation for what my teammates in Ukraine live in each and everyday.  It will help me pray for them better!   I also met not one but 4 other missionary families from all different organizations.  It was wonderful to chat with them and find out what they do.  I stayed with a wonderful family and had a great time with the kids!  What I am also looking forward to is that in two weeks I get to repay the help I got as this family has to come to Poland to clear their visa problems up.  God is so good as He takes care of His children with Family that they never knew they had! Thank you, Father for your gift of Kiev to me.  It would never had happen had my card problem not come up!  You are ABBA!!

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mylife4jesus said...

Woohoo! Seriously, you need an "awesome!" button on the bottom...:) -Erin