Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When A Youth Group Grows

Palowice youth group with CCU on Cowboy day!
I met the Palowice youth group last year.  They were a group of young people who knew the Bible and loved God and each other well.  Their problem quickly became evident though as they were very introverted and lacked vision for their lost peers.  As CCU did English Camp with them, the youth group just basically stood on the outer edge of every event, just watching as the CCU students engaged.  It broke my heart and I to be honest, I left camp last year discouraged, wondering if this group would ever understand how lost their peers were.

This year, I met with the group about a month before camp and encouraged while challenging them to look outside their own group.   Two weeks before camp, my teammate, Susan and I returned to do a evening of "pre-camp" talks and there was a marked difference in the group. I left encouraged and prayed that God would use this group more than CCU to reach the students of Gardawice Jr. High.   God answered that prayer!

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