Friday, June 24, 2011

Here Comes Summer!

I will be stepping out tomorrow to my first of many summer camps this year!  The first camp will be with Katowice.  A few churches in my fair city have banded together since the youth groups are small and cannot really do a camp alone. So, they  have formed a wonderful group  who wants to reach their peers with the truth of Christ.

Yesterday the American group who came along with our summer interns joined the Poles in our pre-camp planning time.  I saw three groups come together and become one faster than most groups!

Today, we spent time talking about the spiritual climate of Katowice youth and it shocked some as each person told the Americans how Polish youth have turned from being just religious and are now atheists with religious roots.  It has been moving this way, but today every Pole talked about this fact.  No a single student talked about how religious their friends were.  The paradigm is changing here in Poland!

Our theme this year is "Collision". What better way to reach a generation who are now rejecting God then to have Jesus "collide" with their belief system?  Please pray for us!

Here are some pictures of our time together.

The Team before dinner

Polish Worship team leading us 
Our team praying for camp at different prayer stations
Friendships are being forged!
The team practicing our camp theme song "One Shot" by Hawk Nelson!

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