Monday, April 04, 2011

Impact at 15

Last night our wonderful Noah Ellenwood was voted out of the CeskoSlovenska SuperStar competition.  As sad as I was when I heard this news, I then watched the "voting out" portion of the show and was AMAZED at how much this young, fifteen year old man has impacted not only the view of music in two two countries, but also the lives of all of those who he lived among over the past several weeks while competing in Prague.  Even the interviewer of the "survivor" could not do her job due to crying about Noah's departure.  This young man has been a light in a world where winning the competition is THE dream, THE passion and yes, even THE "god".

SuperStar will miss more than Noah's voice, they will miss his presence.  It is obvious that they know this too.  I have seen others being voted off and the show never "stopped" like it did tonight.  (Please endure the Czech and the very LONG, DRAGGED OUT time at to announce Noah's departure and then watch how well he handles the news and you can then see the impact he made on everyone there.)

We do not know what this exposure to on of Jesus' followers did in the lives of those whom Noah lived among, but we do know that this is just one more experience for Noah to learn and grow in his becoming more like Christ.  Thank you Lord, for all that you have done in the past months in Noah's life and in the lives of those whom his life touched through this competition.  May YOU be Glorified in this experience!

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