Monday, March 14, 2011

Living life while sharing Jesus!

Noah Ellenwood - Photo by sister, Hannah Ellenwood
Talent runs deep in this family! She took my last prayer
photo and it is one of my favorites!
 As followers of Jesus, we have a balancing act in life. Is it possible to live a life that both the world and God would say is successful?  I think so. Josiah Venture has a group missionary kids who's talents blow me away.  I have never been around such intelligent, creative and loving young people.

Today, one of our JVKids, Noah Ellenwood has made the top 24 of Czech/Slovakia's version of American Idol, Superstar!  This is a big opportunity for this talented 15-year old.  It is not only big for his music, but also for his witness.  He has had many interviews and has been very up front with who his is, where he comes from, what is parents do and that he wants to do the same when he is an adult.  (What Noah does not fully realize though is that he is being a missionary NOW!)

Noah, we are proud of your not only for your musical talent but also how you are allowing God to use you, even as you live and sing with the other contestants.   Sing your heart out Noah!  I am proud of you!

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