Friday, November 12, 2010

You Just Gotta Love Jr. High!

Tonight I had the Jr. High group over to my place for a pizza making and game night.  Yes, they are all girls!!  Our High School group are all guys. . . go figure!

Kasia (next to me) is really running the group.  I am moral support and the group "hugger".  :)  I love watching Kasia lead and love these girls in to young womanhood!  She is doing a GREAT job!!  I few years ago, I am not sure I would have seen her do something like this, but as she has allowed God to grow her and challenge her, she is now investing in the next generation and is it is a beautiful sight!

I also love all of the Polish I am learning too!  you can't pay enough for this stuff!  God is good!  He has blessed me with being a part of two groups and I love living life along side teenagers!   Please pray for these group of young women as they get to know themselves and each other.

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