Monday, October 04, 2010


Have you ever met someone who was a Bible translator? Someone who's passion for their own people moved them so strongly, that they gave up many things in life just to translate God's Word from the original languages into their own, so that his countrymen could read it and understand it? A few weeks ago, I met a man named Piotr Zaremba at our Fall Conference. He has written the most recent translation of the Bible into Polish. (He is fluent in Hebrew and Greek, and translated the Old Testament directly from the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has finished Psalms and many of the minor prophets.)
Piotr teaching about the importance of good translation.
I was moved not only by his passion for translation, but also his passion to see Poland come to Christ.  He spoke about the lack of understanding of the Bible and the real Jesus in Poland.  Everyone knows of church and God, but it is just a cultural thing.  His passion is to see the Polish nation truly become a Christ following nation, not just a Religious Identification nation. 

Reading the Polish New Testament has a very new meaning and purpose to me now that I have met it's translator.  Please continue to pray for the Polish people.  They have the Bible and yet it is not much more than any other book that is on their shelf.  The Bible that is being used now in churches is over 200 years old and is very difficult to understand.  Please pray that Piotr will be able to continue his translation work and soon have a Full Bible ready to place in the hands of the Polish people!

Note:  One of my girls who has had a very difficult time reading her Bible told me after I gave her one of Piotr's translations that she could finally understand what God was saying to her.  The Polish was modern, yet accurate and it made all the difference to her!

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