Thursday, April 08, 2010

What a great day!

I just want to let you know what my Thursdays normally look like.  They are my busy contact day!  I normally meet with a young woman who has lead our MOOSK (Citywide youth group) team.  We have a great time speaking "Ponglish"!  Today I also got to make lunch with one of my old roommates and got to try out my "Life Coaching" skills which I learned at the women's retreat last week.   She has some big choices to make and I was amazed by how the process took her to a place neither one of us saw at all!  It was a special moment for both of us.  I then went to go meet with my future new roommate and one of her friends.  We went from a coffee shop to the food court to a Kebab place near our church to a hospital parking lot to pick up her sister and her boyfriend and then we met one of our other friends, Arek at a wonderful new Tea House.  Well, two of us had not eaten yet and so we went back to the kebab place to get food and then returned to the Tea House (at 10pm).  It was a great time for me to see the world of my future roommate.  Almost everything was in Polish and I must say, I held my own!  :) 

I was so happy to share this evening with young adults who know about Jesus but they do not KNOW Him.  My prayer is that through these encounters with this new group of young people, they will see that it is more than just Ania who follow Jesus.  I also pray that their heart become hungry for Truth and Belonging.

Whew!  It is now almost midnight and I am leaving tomorrow for my former roommate's wedding!  It will be a fun and full weekend!  

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