Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week of Mourning

Poland will officially be in mourning for the next week.  I want to assure those who are concerned about our presence here in Poland has not changes.  We are here as before and are mourning with our Polish friends.

Poland is a stable country and even as the EU was ripped by financial crisis, Poland was okay because they had a very smart head of the National Bank Committee.  Unfortunately, he was also on the plane.

I will give you updates as I hear them.  As with any tragedy, there are rumors in the news which are reported as fact and fact which are reported as rumors.  I don't want to spread anything that is not true, so I will not write anything that I have not confirmed with my Polish friends.

Please continue to join me in prayer.  I will quote my Polish teammate, Iwona Eifling, "When I sat and watched that my president and all of these leaders died, I watched in disbelief. I felt the same shock I remembered feeling as I sat and watched those planes fly into the towers."  (Ewona was living in the US during 9/11.)   Imagine 9/11 with 89 of America's top political, military, financial, and intellictural leaders being taken out.

To understand more about the significance of Katyn go here, here, and here.  An wonderful movie was made in 2008 about the massacure.  You can get it here.  It is not rated, but is a war movie with the same intensity and adult themes as an American rated "R" war movie.  It is in Polish with English subtitles.

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