Saturday, December 05, 2009

Are You A Barrel Man?

As I was reading one of Denver's TV channel's web pages, I read that the Denver Bronco's Barrel Man died today. I know it is a strange thing, but The Barrel Man was like family to those of us who have been die hard Bronco's fans for the last 30+ years. I grew up watching him get the whole Mile High Stadium screaming to distract the visiting team. He was like the cool uncle you loved but never really knew.

As I read the article, it dawned on me. HE LOVED THE BRONCOS. No one really knows his name, but they know that he was and forever will be THE BARREL MAN. I then started to ask myself, "Am I known as a "Barrel Woman" for Jesus?" No, I would not wear a "barrel for Jesus", but do people know me because I am American in Poland, or do they know me because they know my love and devotion to my Lord? (I know this is a very basic question, but today, I need to ask basic questions to myself.) When I go home to Denver for a visit in a little over a week, will my church and family know me for being a missionary in Poland, or will they know me for my love and devotion to Jesus?

What about you?

Thanks Barrel Man for the great years of fun and thank you God for the questions you challenge me with!

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Chris and Ashley said...

A great challenge from an unexpected analogy. Thanks, Alice!