Thursday, July 02, 2009

Amazing what alittle sun will do!

It is amazing how The sunshine changeds The attitde of a whole camp. Our first fee days here was filled with rain, frustration, strasznie and honestly, it was The first time I felt like chucking it all and gong home. I had a shirts crisis and cried out to God. He answered and have me hope and strength.

The Next brought sunshine. The stress is still here, but the peace that only our Father can bring is here too!

Yesterday, we had a day away from Camp. We played paintball, did a topes course and Team building games. I had The priveledge of sitting out and spending that time with one of our Young leaders (she sprained her anckle) and was able to connectnwith here on a deeper level.

It has been a tough Camp. The enemy does not wsnt us to claim anymore for The Kingdom and he is fighting hard!!