Friday, June 19, 2009

Camp Time

The weekend before is always stressful for me. I am anticipating each camp and the problems that can come with them. I also have to get everything done in my home to make it "summer proof". I will only be at home for a day or two after each camp so I like to leave it so that if I have any surprise guests it will not be a problem.

It is also a time when God reminds me in a very intimate way of the spiritual need of the Polish youth. As I am surrounded by them in a more intimate way, I find my heart grow heavier with the reality of the fact that out of 6 million Polish youth less than 1% have a personal relationship with Jesus. It Is always here, but when you have such a concentrated group in a "cloistered" situation, it becomes more real and you feel and hear the emptiness of each heart in a clearer way.

I love camp time time, yet it takes it's toll on my spirit. Please pray that I will fully engage and love this group of precious souls!

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