Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long time, lots of ministry

I am writing this at our Pre-Camp Conference. My life has been filled with many activities, but what really has given me energy when I think I can go no further are the wonderful concersations I have had over the past few weeks.

God is motivating me more and more to keep working on my Polish and to try to use what I know and to be there for each young person.

One day I went north with one of young leaders to check out a possible camp location. It was a three hour trip that turned into four because we missed our turn due to our deep conversation. I have wanted to get to know this young man's heart because many look upto him as a leader and I see him as possibly taking over the leadership of our city-wide youth group.

Another conversation I had was with one of our new leaders. She has been a believer for only 6 months, but her lack of knowledge is made by her passion and desire to grow. She is one who is really motivating me to step it up on my Polishso that we can talk more and deeper.

As I look at my camp leadership group, I am reminded that there are over six million young people who live in Poland and less than 1% know and follow Jesus. Our leaders are young and some lack knowledge, but they want to share the love and freedom Jesus has given them. My conversation with my new believer leader reminded me as to why I am here.

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