Monday, September 15, 2008

Coming to Denver In November!

It was 17 years ago when I fist visited Poland, during the aftermath of Communist rule. Most "Iron Curtain" countries faced a religious vacuum that the Communist party had tried to fill, so they were desperate to hear the gospel, but in Poland, that vacuum was filled by it's STRONG national identity through the Polish Catholic Church. It was their only hope of survival, unfortunately, the TRUTH of Jesus became a mere religious figure. Poland's "hope" has become an empty habit, which today is being replaced by the religion of the almighty Euro. In all of Eastern Europe, this new generation does not remember how life was under the USSR. My older neighbors talk about the lack of food in the stores and freedom during that time and their young adult children accuse them of exaggeration. Twenty years ago might as well have been a century ago for them.

Eastern Europe is full of church structures, but only a very small remnant hold Truth. Countries who once were rich with the Gospel centuries ago are now filled with "white washed tombs" of spiritual apathy. That is why I moved here! To share the Truth and Reality of Jesus to this unreached generation!

This fall, Josiah Venture will be visiting 11 cities across the US and Canada. These "Vision Nights" are a time to thank people who have faithfully invested in Eastern Europe through Josiah Venture and my ministry. It is also a time to see the larger vision of Josiah Venture as well as our future three year vision for reaching Poland as well as the other Eastern Europe countries that we are in!

I will be at the November 11th Vision Night in Denver, Colorado! If you would like to come to this evening and have not been receiving my email updates, please contact me using: It will be a great night of celebration and challenge!

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