Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red Tape

I have to get through it in order to stay here. My residence card expires next month (in the middle of camps!) And so I must get everything done before camps starts next week.

My friends at church have been helping me with the new card. Today was a RED TAPE day. It took longer to pay for my "social security" tax than it did to get the official paper saying that because I paid, I can now continue the process of getting a new card. I don't fully understand it all yet, but it is what I need to do in order to stay in Poland and I gladly do it! :)

It could be worse though. I have friends have been kicked out of their country just for sharing Jesus.

This red tape stuff is a cost that I did not really understand until I got here. I also have more appreciation for the immigrants in the States who have to go through our red tape in order to stay in America.

A positive note: I am getting to know where the government offices are in Katowice! :)

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