Monday, June 02, 2008

A Polish Wedding with Internatiional flair!

Przemek and Monika!

This weekend I went to the Czech Republic for a Polish wedding with a Latin American theme. No, you did not misread this!

My Polish brother Przemek, who now lives in Ireland, met his Polish bride there. (Przemek and I met at my first English camp some 8 years ago. Our relationship has blessed me in many ways and I was excited to see that he found Monika!)

It was a wonderful weekend long party! There were Poles, Canadians, Irish and Americans in attendance. The music was Polish, Irish, Latin American and a smidgen of Hip Hop. Truly an International event!

We had a "backyard" grill accompanied by Latin American music (with a dash of Irish jigging) for an afternoon of dancing. At dinner, we had a kind of tortilla soup, guacamole, and wonderful burritos (a very special meal here). There were even elements of English Camp at the "game time" portion of the event.

What a great time and the food was GREAT!

While at this wedding, I was able to reflect on the young Polish leaders who I have had the privilege of knowing and becoming friends with. It has been wonderful to watch those who have given their lives to Christ and who are following in His steps (even though some are in other countries). It also got me thinking of others who have chosen to walk away and live in their own steps. I stepped out of the party for a few moments to pray for a few who where heavy on my heart. Oh, Lord, turn them back to you! It was bitter sweet to reunite with those who were once teenagers at my first few Summer English Camp years ago and the paths that they have chosen to take.

Przemek and Monika love them all well. :)

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