Tuesday, April 29, 2008

By His Wounds

The past several months have been filled with challenges, loneliness and feeling inept to do anything. I have been stretched spiritually in many ways. As I have going through this refinement, the assurance of Jesus' empathy and love for me has become very real to me.

The other day I found a song that perfectly expresses my heart and the reason why I can trust in Him who is worthy of my trust! There have been many wounds that have needed to be healed in my heart, and He has been faithful in the healing power that only He can offer due to His sacrifice! He is healing the losses in my life that I still grieve, the loneliness that is felt being single in a foreign country, the intense feelings of being stupid while being functionally illiterate in another language, the stresses of everyday life in Poland bring.

His armor has become a reality to me. To make sure I have it on everyday! To see how it protects and enables me to stand firm as the evil one tries to get me to run away.

By His wounds, I am healed and am able to stand firm in confidence of who God is! As I listen to this song and even the whole CD, I can feel healing and refreshment! Thank you Lord for Your Glory!

I highly recommend this CD!

CD: Revealed Glory

By His Wounds

(Isaiah 53:5)

He was pierced for our transgressions
He was crushed for our sins
The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him
And by His wounds
By His wounds we are healed (X2)

We are healed by Your sacrifice
And the life that You gave
We are healed for You paid the price
By Your grace we are saved we are saved

He was pierced for our transgressions
And crushed for our sins
The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him
By His wounds
By His wounds we are healed

By His wounds, by His wounds...

What can wash away my sin
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


Pat R said...

Thanks, Alice. I understand how you feel. I've been there and some days I feel like I'm still there. I am so grateful for God's love and grace in my life.

Tyler and Melinda said...

This is a great song, and definitely one that brings encouragement and hope when we're having tough days and weeks.