Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today in my Polish lesson I found out that my teacher was in prison during 1981 for 7 months. The Communitst government did not like the fact that she backed and advocated for the freedom of Poland from the USSR. (For those of you who were under the age of 10 in 1981, this may not be interesting, but I was in high school at the time and followed the plight of the Polish people during this time.) She told me about how difficult it was to live during that time. Her love for her hero, President Regan and what he did for the Polish people runs deep. I told her that she was a hero for freedom in my eyes and she just brushed it off, like any good political "soldier" would. "It was about freedom, not me." she said. (loosely translated)
We then got into the fact that the Polish Prime Minister will not be going to the Olympics becuase it would be as if Regan backed the USSR instead of the freedom of Poland back in the 80's. He will not sit in the same place as those who do to the Tibetians, what the USSR did to Poland. She was very passionate about this fact and is disappointed that America does do the same.
China is causing many here to remember the brutal years that Poland lived under the crush of the Communist government. It will be interesting to see how and if the Olypmics will be received here in this country.
I am not wanting to be political, but this conversation caused me to pause and think about the fact that I have not prayed for China or Tibet like I did for Poland in the 80's. It also gave me new insight as to the how deep the vaccum is in every heart in Poland who do not have Jesus to give them hope. I am rubbing shoulders with those who's only hope is what they can do for themselves. That is a difficult hope to hold on to. My prayer is that they will find the ONLY HOPE Who will never let go!
Who knows what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future! Thank you Lord!

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