Friday, December 28, 2007

The Third Day of Chirstmas . . .

Yes, in Poland, there are three days of Christmas. The 24th being the most important, the 25th for family and the 26th for friends.

I went for obiad (lunch or dinner for you mid-westerners). I was greeted with smiles and well wishes. We talked for a while and then Mira (mom) had us all gather around and gave us wafers. She then blessed me and my next year. We then broke off a piece and ate it. Then I got the three side kiss. Then the girls, Anna and Ewa and then Romik (dad). They then asked if I would pray the Lord's prayer in English since that is their tradition. I was touched and honored.

We had chicken soup, Polish style (my favorite) and then the meat came out. . . RABBIT! Yes, I ate Bugs Bunny! Can you believe it? Alice, the picky meat eater, ate rabbit and LOVED it! It was so good! Mashed potatoes, sour kraut and something else that I forget came too. What a great meal!

After I was stuffed and they brought out desert! All kinds of desert! Coffee, desert and good conversation! We then sang (I listened) Polish Christmas carols because no one sings them until the 25th and then you hear them for 6 weeks. They thought it interesting that we end everything on the 25th.

One of my Polish teachers is a very close friend she came over with her son, and we had more great conversations! Nothing was taboo in our discussions, so we talked about EVERYTHING including politics and religion and no one got into a fight! Wow! Amazing! :)

The evening ended when they asked if I would go with them to mass. I was honored that they asked me to and so I said "yes". I will blog about it later as I am still trying to process it all.

I am now leaving tomorrow morning for 4 days in Zielona Gora for New Years and to spend time with a very good friend!

God is GOOD!


Diana said...

I can't believe you ate rabbit. When I was a kid your Grandpa raised rabbits to sell. Dad said that his parents also raised rabbits to eat. It was meat when a family could not afford beef. Must tell you that I even killed the bunnies and skinned them when I was a kid. Had to help Grandpa. The meat is good if you can get by the idea that you are eating Bugs Bunny! Who would have thought that you would eat rabbit in Poland.

Crystal said...

I am so proud of you for eating that rabbit! Sometimes it is good to try new things... And, please, that wasn't Bugs! He's way too smart to get caught and cooked!