Friday, December 28, 2007

On the First Day of Christmas . . .

Last week when my neighbor and Ewa were making cookies, I was a little apprehensive of Christmas week. Ewa was sick and I just KNEW I would get it. I did, but God in his love and grace allowed me to really be sick the few days before I left for Bielsko Biała, Poland to spend Christmas with the Carlson's.

What a great time I had with them! I felt like I had known them forever and our time was very relaxing and natural! Christmas Eve was a great time where Heidi and I spent the day in the kitchen making dinner and talking. I felt like I was at home and we had a great time getting to know one another more. Christmas Eve is the BIG day here, so we had our big meal that night and opened presents.

The girls. . . three words to describe them: High School Musical! I had to watch both movies before I went over just so I could understand who what who and who sang what song! They are great girls! Kelsey and Jillian. We played Bible Trivia and I was amazed by how much of the Bible they know! Greg and Heidi are teaching them well. This year they both got something that they NEVER thought they would get, a iPod nano. What a joy it was to see their faces as they opened up their boxes!

My Bible study group from Denver sent me a wonderful Christmas box filled with all sorts of wonderful things. One item was the, "A Christmas Story" dvd. Nothing to do with Jesus, but everything to do with family. A very funny story. Greg, Heidi and I laughed and a great time watching it.

Before present opening, we talked about the real meaning of Christmas and how it really starts in Genesis. We then read the Christmas story and then each prayed and thanked God for sending Jesus to earth.

It was a great time! Thank you, Father!

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