Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sorry, Prince Charming Not Included . . .

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Ah, to be in Germany! It was GREAT! Last Thursday, Krista and I jumped in my car and headed for the open road! I can see why it is called the "Romantic Road". It is quite charming and romance can be felt! No guys though, so Krista and I took to our cameras and shot and shot! :)

More than the trip it self, I was able to relax and be linguistically baffled with someone instead of being the one left behind in the language realm. It was good to have a few days of that. We were pampered by our German hotels and loved the breakfasts and breads!

On our way back from
Neuschwanstein Castle, we stopped in Munich for my quest . . . STARBUCKS! We found it and spent a few hours just being normal North American girls reading and sipping good ol' joe! I felt relaxed and at peace. The only bummer was that the Christmas blend did not come out until the next day and the lady would not budge on selling me a bag early. . . oh well, I got my Moca Java! :)

We then stopped in Dresden to see a friend of ours and I got to see how much the city has changed! I did not even recognize it! I was there in 1991 shortly after the wall came down and most of the old palace section was still bombed out, not much more than ruins. Back then, our tour guide said that they would never rebuild to remember what happens when the wrong people are in charge. I guess that is now a distant memory now, because it is all either restored or being restored. It was beautiful and yet there is not real remembrance of what happened there. I hope history does not repeat itself. . . Anyway, we found a nice little Chinese restaurant and had a great dinner! It was great fun to sit there for hours and talk and eat good food. Good until a few hours later when I got food poisoning. . . I will not go into detail, but it was an ALL night experience and Krista has to drive all the way home. I did not even get out of the car to do pottery shopping! For those of you who know me, you know that I was VERY sick to miss out on pottery shopping! :) I am feeling much better now though. Tea and crackers do wonders for stomach that can not hold anything.

The whole time of our trip, I was reminded of how much my Heavenly Father loves me how I am His precious child, His princess! His glory and His home for me is much GRANDER than what I saw and yet, do I live that way every day: living the life of the daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords? It was a great time of enjoyment and of ponder!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift!


Connie said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I've stood in some of those very places...even inside the restaurant in one of the pictures from Rothenburg!! How fun to see beautiful Germany through your lens!

Love, Connie

Hodges said...

WOW! Drsden (sp?) at night got me for some reasonj, just gorgeous! Great pictures Alice, I ahve got to get over there some time!