Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reality Hits Hard Sometimes!

It is a typical fall day here in Poland . . . gray, depressing and getting colder everyday. Yesterday, I had a GREAT brunch with a few of my fellow team members. We had a great time of catching up and as they were all sharing about what they will do when they all go home for Christmas, it struck me. This will be my first Christmas alone, really alone. I have never done this before!

The whole Katowice team will be in North America and I will be here. I will be going to the Carlson's (my country leader) for Christmas, but the reality hit me yesterday and it put me in a mood of sadness. I am also fighting a head cold, so that does not help my mood. I am not sure what I will do or how I will react being alone this winter. . . I will keep you posted.

PS if anyone wants to come visit. . . . I have an extra bed! :)


Crystal said...

Oh, how very sad. I am one of the 2 engineers who has to be in the office that week so I can't come. I thought you were possibly going to Barcelona over Christmas?? I can at least call you that day and pester you, if you want.

Dan Luebcke said...

A Rob,

Praying for you...smile...people in Colorado think of you often!

Connie said...

Hi Alice,

I am feeling for you as you consider the reality of what this Christmas will be for you. As I think about you being alone, I am praying right now that God has some extra special blessings already in store for you during that time - some unexpected ways in which you will experience His love and care like never before. I'll look forward to hearing your reflections on it once you've lived through it!

By the way...I like your new blog look!

Love, Connie