Thursday, September 13, 2007

The PERFECT Team building event!

Tonight our team got together to have a team meeting and then I was able to bless them with Sunday's Broncos game!  I love technology!  We all crammed in my little living room, turned on the TV and for a few hours we were together enjoying a great American pass time, pizza, coke and the BRONCOS,  winning, of course!  

What a blessing this team is to me!  Through hard times and through joys, I know I can count on each one of them to pray, encourage, challenge and love me!  Thank you, Lord for this wonderful blessing in my life!

Mom, when I call next week, don't tell me the score!  :)  


Dan Luebcke said...

I just shed a tear!

Dan Luebcke said...
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Hodges said...

I was screaming "YES!!!" in a bar in Minnesota, the lone Bronco fan in a sea of Purple. God Bless the Denver Broncos.

Anonymous said...

OH Alice! How I LOVE the fact that you bleed orange. It's fun to hear about the meeting. What a great picture! I won't ruin it for you this week, but I know you'll be watching. Even if it is a couple of days later.

Love ya girl!

Julie Luebcke