Monday, September 17, 2007

Mondays Are Sometimes Just Down Days

When exhaustion sets in, the Spirit does His thing! That is what I place my hope in. I have have a few weeks of intense ministry and yesterday was told about a dear friend's father dying during a celebration vacation. Oh, to be there for my friend and his family!

The news prompted my own thoughts toward last year when I was told that my grandmother had passed away and today my missing both grams and gramps was renewed. Last year at her death, I was unable to jump on a plane and be there then too.

God did bless me last night with a peaceful dream about my precious Grams though. She told the story of visiting me in Poland and how wonderful it was! (She never got to make that trip, but I feel that it was a gift God gave me.):)

I know that I am weak today. I know that if I do not jump into my Father's arms I will be no good. To jump in my Father's arms and just let him heal this tired heart of mine! Lord, just warm me and keep me sucure in your love!

This week I go to the Czech Republic for our Josiah Venture fall conference. There will be 160 1st (nationals) and 2nd (non-nationals) culture attendees. We are focusing on "Lead the Way Jesus Lead!" I look forward to this study. I am excited to be surrounded by my brothers and sisters who all want one thing: to follow Christ more closely than last year!

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