Sunday, September 23, 2007

May I Introduce part of the Poland team . . .

These are some of my teammates and friends.  (Not all are pictured here because not all could be at the conference.)   Top row  Greg, Krista, Mirek, Michał.  Second: Me, Daniel, Łukaś, Jola, Ilona.  Third: Susan and Dan.  We were all in Czech for the Josiah Venture fall conference.   (I will post more pictures later.)

These Poles have the same passion (I think even more) as we do to reach their younger generation for Christ!  Łukaś is starting up a Jr. High ministry!  The "forgottens".   Mirek and Greg are the leaders of our Polish organization, Fala.  Michał is leading our Polish 9 month intern program.  Ilona is our Executive Secretary, translator, and detail person!  Jola is Laura Hash's camp assistant, translator and I don't know  what we would do without her.  Last year, she took time out to help me with my Polish.  :)  

I wanted to let you see the Poles who are serving their fellow Poles.  They are the ones who live with passion and zeal to see their country be transformed by Jesus!  Please pray for them.  

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