Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello? Miss Robbins? We have your bag.

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call on my new Vonage line today. It was a very nice and efficient man from United's Baggage Claim in Chicago. He had no foreign accent and did not say, "We're sorry for your inconvenience." I was happy to hear a mid-west (Chicago) accent since the others have only given me bad news.

Anyway, he said that they found my luggage and that I needed to tell him where I wanted it to be delivered. I said, "Katowice, Poland." There was a slight pause and he said,
"What is your address?"
I asked him what he had, since I had already given it to the people that I was talking to last week. He told me and it was not even close, so I gave him the corrected address.

I told him of my problems and he proceeded to tell me that United had taken away the lost baggage claim office from them and gave it to a company in India. I have no problem with outsourcing as long as the quality does not go down . . . but it has! He is hoping that with enough complaints, United will give it back to them. So, United will be getting a nice letter on how terrible their choice in a lost baggage claim company they have made. I am also letting them know that in 10 minutes, a UNITED employee got my bag on a plane and headed to me!

I hope that by Monday, I can report that I have all of my stuff!

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