Saturday, June 30, 2007

Camp Orientation in Krakow

What a great two days! We had 120 youth from America come to have orientation for camps in Krakow. There we prepared for camps, went into town and ate lody (ice cream) and kebabs. We started the groups sight seeing and took them to important places in the city. It was great to share this wonderful city with my sending church youth group, 180! I had a great time renewing friendships and having fun with them! They left for Zielona Gora on Thursday afternoon, just after spending a few hours in Auschwitz. It was a sobering time for all the groups who went. It is chilling to come face to face with man's collective sin against each other and God.

I leave in about 16 hours to start my journey back to the States. My journey starts at 2 am Saturday and I should arrive in Denver at 5 pm Sunday. We will see. My connections this time are very short and I am not sure if I can make them. Please pray.

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