Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And God Protects . . .

Last night I was at Dan and Laura Hash's house to get some stuff signed when the phone rang. It was the intern team. They had been driving on the highway and the back tire of the van came completely off! They were going about 63mph! Everyone is okay besides getting a huge scare. What is a miracle is as Dan was trying to figure out how to get to the interns (about 6 hours away) a man drove up and helped. He knew someone who could fix the back of the van and tire and get them back on the road. I can not wait for them to be back and tell me the whole story! God was watching over our team and brought needed help when we could not go and do it ourselves! Thank you, Lord!

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Valentyna Stohova said...

I have heard about the van story. wow! God does protect! God bless the team!

and you surely can list my blog link. :)